domingo, abril 11, 2010

sunday (lazy) morning...

esta es la vista que tengo desde mi cocina, donde está mi taza de café. Anoche Alex y yo llegamos a casa después de las 3 am... primero estuvimos en un magnífico concierto de Diana Krall... ahhh cómo me encanta su voz! y luego estuvimos en la fiesta de cumpleaños que mis hermanos dieron en la azotea del departamento de Verónica, en el centro de la ciudad... fue divertido... aunque debo confesar que ya no estoy acostumbrada a desvelarme, así que necesito más café por ahora... this is the view i have from my kitchen, where my cup of coffee is. Last night Alex and I came home after 3 am... first we were in a fantastic Diana Krall concert... ohh how i love her voice! after that, we went to my sister and brother birthday party at the roof of Verónica's apartment, at down town... it was fun... although I must confess that is hard to me staying up late, so I need more coffee now...

qué tal va tu domingo?
how is your sunday?

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  1. Glad you had a good time! Hope you got to hear lots of good music, I love your music.

  2. Oh, I love lazy sundays!We had a nice slow day as breakfast, some packing and some horseriding and now a quiet evening in :)
    Btw I love your tile floor and your dark cupboards!

  3. Oh I would have loved that evening! I'm the same, I need coffee after 11pm.

  4. Glad you had a good time...3:00 am! Oh my that is late... I have the hardest time staying up late, I am a morning person myself :^)

    My Sunday? It was raining so I stayed in and worked on art projects. Very nice...

  5. I love Diana Krall! I'm glad you enjoyed the concert.

    We had a lazy Sunday, but we did manage to plant our seeds for our garden this summer.


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