miércoles, junio 16, 2010

corner view: daily

parte de mi ritual diario de cada mañana...
un café cargado..
sin azúcar...
sin leche...
en silencio...
...y después de eso tan simple, soy una persona feliz :)

part of my early morning ritual...
a very strong coffee...
without sugar...
not milk...
in silence...
...and after that simple thing, I'm a very happy person :)

feliz cv!
happy cv!

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17 comentarios:

  1. The same counts for me, but I would happily exchange the coffee for tea!

  2. lovely light for your daily routine:)

  3. charming, cozy, GREAT for a daily routine, i'll say!

  4. A great way to begin your day. I'd love to do the same, but the kiddos are always awake before me, so there is never that 'quiet time' that would be wonderful at the beginning of each day.

  5. A moment of silence every day is necessary... Yours is beautiful ! I like to learn with you as well !

    Have a quiet day

  6. Coffee - strong with milk, and the silence a must! Besos

  7. That is totally ME! And I am out of coffee this morning....and it is raining outside...but I have to get out of my PJ's and go!

  8. Very nice ritual ... I like coffee (with milk) as first thing in the morning too :)
    And oh, you have a very nice fireplace.

  9. What a pretty view! I love that Love poem in the frame on your mantel

  10. Que precioso! Y la foto ni hablar! Muchos besos. También parecio el silencio de las mañanas y desde más de un año lo comparto con petit caramel quien juega tranquilamente mientras... Más besos,

  11. perdon - quería decir "aprecio" obviamente! Más besos!

  12. My early morning ritual?
    A cup of cappuccino with biscuits and a little cup of italian expresso coffee...
    I like your corner view!
    Have you a wonderful new day!

  13. Looks lovely and cozy, a great way to start the day :))


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