domingo, agosto 01, 2010

a ride with dad

un paseo con mi papá en domingo, en su restaurado safari, escuchando su música y pasando buen tiempo juntos...
at Sunday, with his restored vw safari, listening his music and spending great time together...
feliz domingo!
have a happy sunday!

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  1. Beautiful country and such a sweet papa - and what is his music by the way? Have a lovely Sunday Rosa Maria! xo

  2. i miss my dad... thanks for sharing~

  3. That looks like a lot of fun...glad you got some time with your Dad.

  4. Excelente! me encanta la foto con los cactus y las vacas!
    feliz semana! besos.

  5. I did exactly the same this weekend, a ride in the countryside with my dad (and just now I was trying to write a post about it!).


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