lunes, diciembre 20, 2010

Stupid is as stupid does...

El fin de semana pasado comencé a hacer el quilting de esta colcha. Lo primero fue decidir el color del hilo y aunque al principio pensé en usar blanco, finalmente me decidí por uno con una  mezcla de diferentes azules.... todo iba bien, hasta que me terminé los dos carretes que tenía... y aunque no suena a un problema mayor, bueno, pues ese tipo de hilo no lo venden donde vivo... por qué no  pensé en eso antes de comenzar? (sí, ya se que la respuesta a esa pregunta está en el título de este post...)
Esos hilos mi mamá me los trajo de Joann la última vez que fue a Arizona... ...ahora tengo el 80% del trabajo hecho, pero me quedé sin hilo... cambiaré de color? no me gusta la idea... alguien sabe si puedo conseguir esos hilos en México (preferentemente en Guadalajara) ?

Last weekend I started doing the quilting on this quilt. The first thing was to decide the color of thread and although at first I was thinking in white, I finally decided on one with a blended of blues.... everything was great until I finished the two spools that I had ... and although it do not sounds like a big problem, well, the thing is that kind of thread I cant' find them where I live... why I didn't think about it before start? (ok, I get it, that answer is in the title of this post...)
 These threads brought my mother from Joann last time she visited Arizona ... ... now I have 80% of the quilting done, but I ran out of thread ... change the color? I do not like the idea ... anyone knows a place where I can find those threads in Mexico (preferably in Guadalajara)? 

feliz semana a todos!
happy week to all!

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  1. We have a Joanne Fabric store in the next town over. After Christmas I could check to see if they have that specific thread. I'd be happy to send you what you need! xo

  2. Oh! claro desde aquí sería difícil ayudarte... Me encanta tu nuevo encabezado! Besos!

  3. I can go to Joann for you!

  4. Oh no! And it's been waiting so patiently for you...

  5. Bummer...let me know if you can't get it. I could have my daughter pick it up and I could mail it to you.

  6. Ha! I was just going to leave you a message that I could mail some to you, but look at the blogger love going on here! I hope some finds your way and you can get the quilt finished.

  7. i'd be happy to send you some spools, just let me know~

  8. Oh... :( I can't help you. But I hope Santa Claus exists!

    So, I wish you a Merry Christmas...

  9. try a matching colour? it might add up to the effect? good luck! and happy holidays to you!

  10. I have the same problem, as I can't find anything where I live. I sort of ... improvise and made do!


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