domingo, marzo 10, 2013



Últimamente he pasado mi tiempo libre en la cocina y mi cuarto de costura, siempre acompañada de mi hermosa Sabina....Hice otra blusa, pero esta vez es un regalo para otra bebita (la hija de mi prima Marcy)... también empecé a hacer un móvil para la cuna de Sabina, usando fieltro y retazos de tela de algodón y espero poder terminarlo en unos días.... también por fin terminé un cojín que ya está en el sofá de la sala e inspirada en la primavera que ya se siente aquí, hice un pequeño conejo usando una vieja playera y siguiendo este tutorial y parece gustarle a Sabina, quien no deja de apretarlo y chuparlo cada vez que lo tiene entre sus manos.
Lately I've spent my free time at the kitchen and my sewing room, but always accompanied by my sweet Sabina.

I made another blouse, but this time it's a gift for another baby girl (my cousin's daugther) ... also this week I started to make a mobile for Sabina's nursery room, I used felt and cotton fabric scraps and hope I can finish it in a couple of days.... I finally completed a cushion that is already in the living room sofa and inspired by the spring that is comming, I made a little bunny from an old tshirt following this tutorial and I think Sabina really likes it, because she is squeezing and sucking it every time she had it in her hands.

hoy domingo nos hemos levantado tarde... y espero que volvamos pronto a la cama...
This Sunday we woke up late ... and hopefully we'll  back to bed soon...

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  1. I wanted to comment and say how lovely your blog is! I enjoy it often, the pictures are so beautiful. What a wonderful family and thanks for the creative inspiration!

  2. these photos are fabulous... so many good things here to be grateful for. just lovely.

  3. lovely photos ... so peaceful and the last one is just so cute.

  4. Olá RosaMaría! Seus trabalhos e suas fotos são muito bonitos. A Sabina está linda!
    Beijos e felicidades!

  5. Pero que trabajadora estas !!! Me encanta todo !! Ese móvil para Sabina va a quedar precioso !!
    Besitos a las dos :*

  6. I just said I loved that picture of the two of you in your most recent post but this one....fabulous!! Whatever that is that you had for breakfast....yummy looking! The bunny is so cute and I bet Sabina loves it.


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