viernes, noviembre 20, 2009

oh la la!!

este paquete recibí ayer... proveniente de Paris..!! I received this package yesteday ... from Paris ..! son los regalos que me envió Pascale, pues fui la afortunada que ganó su sorteo! are the gifts who sent me Pascale, because I was the lucky one who won her giveaway!

estas postales son de sus fotografías!
this postcards are from her photograps!
ohhh!! de verdad que soy afortunada!
ohhh!! really i'm a lucky girl!
tout simplement fantastique!

//merci Pascale! //

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  1. Hay que padre! suertuda :) Ten bonito fin de semana amiga!

  2. What a fun gift! I love those photos

  3. Hi Rosa-Maria!
    I'm so glad your package finally got there and that you like your little present! I'm always feeling a bit nervous on those giveaways...
    And I - l o v e - the pictures you made of everything! Thank you!

    Wishing you a fun and happy weekend!

    xo, Pascale


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