sábado, noviembre 28, 2009

walking slowly...

tengo las telas para teminar este quilt, pero aún no decido cómo va a terminar... I have the fabrics to finish this quilt but I don't know how it will be...
He estado trabajando un poco en mi cuarto de costura, sin embargo creo que he estado menos productiva que en otras semanas... a veces quisiera hacer todo (sí todo!) lo que tengo en mente, pero es demasiado para mí, así que me detengo un poco para que mi mente haga una pausa y no siga produciendo tantas ideas nuevas y aunque comencé algunos otros proyectos, están caminando despacio y creo que yo estoy bien con eso. I've been working a little in my sewing room, however I think I've been less productive than in other weeks ... Sometimes I would do everything (yes everything!) what I have in mind, but is too much for me, so I pause a bit to let my mind take a break and not continuing to produce many new ideas and although I started some other projects, they're walking slowly and I think I'm okay with that.

bueno y como tengo algunos proyectos sin terminar, decidí ingresar al reto de Jacquie (quien por cierto hace magia con las telas!) "Joy in the New Year Challenge", a ver si logro completar algo de lo que tengo pendiente aquí. Well because I have some unfinished projects here, I decided to join in on Jacquie's (who makes magic with fabrics!) "Joy in the New Year Challenge" to help me to finishing up some things around here.

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  1. Good morning! I had to laugh as I too am slowing down, not sure what the reason is but I need to get moving. Thus I joined up with Jacquie's UFO's too. I have completed a couple good ones but have another quilt top to quilt and bind. All set to go, I just can't get motivated! It was Thanksgiving this week, so all that food made me lazy, does that excuse work for you? Ha! Not really working for me either! Have a great day! Keep up the good work.

  2. Good luck with the challenge! I joined also, but haven't finished anything yet...hopefully I will get everything done by the end of the year

  3. Is that cloud fabric in that star? Cute, think I need some. Did you buy it there?

  4. glad you joined in the challenge! i work that way too...i have to have time to think.


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