jueves, diciembre 31, 2009

the last one...(and a giveaway!!!)

este quilt lo terminé anoche, mi último UFO terminado en 2009... lo hice con un jelly roll de la colección portobello market... será un regalo, pero yo no me arriesgo a decir para quién es... This quilt I finished last night, is my last UFO finished in 2009... I made it with one portobello market jelly roll... it will a gift, but I don't take a risk to say for who is it...
bueno y hace unos días mi hermana volvió de McAllen y me trajo la revista American Patchwork & Quilting de febrero 2010... yay!!! pero yo ya la había comprado... así que sorteraré una revista, si te interesa sólo deja un comentario diciéndome cuál proyecto que hayas hecho en 2009 te dejó más satisfecha (puedes dejar el link si posteaste ese proyecto)! Sólo recuerda poner tu email para poder contactarte!
a few days ago my sister came back from McAllen and brought me the American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine (february 2010) ... yay!!! but I had bought it ... so i'll give away one magazine, if you're interested just leave me a comment telling which proyect you have done in 2009 left you more satisfied (you can link it if you posted that proyect)! just remember write your email to contact you!
el sábado 09 de enero de 2010, anunciaré a la ganadora!
I'll announce the winner on saturday 09 january 2010!

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  1. Hola RosaMaría, desejo-te um Feliz 2010 para ti e toda a tua família!

  2. Hola! Have a very Happy & Healthy New Year!


  3. My dear friend.. it seems a very helpful magazine.. :-)
    The most satisfying project realized in 2009 is the patchwork quilt that I made for my love Giacomo.. a very simple project.. but it was the first one..
    Ti auguro un meraviglioso 2010 lleno de alegría y mucho amor!

  4. I love that quilt! Great colors!!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family!


  5. Me encantan los colores de el quilt. Tu trabajo siempre impecable.

  6. great quilt!
    i am working on a wall hang
    there is a picture in my blog
    this wasent such a greative year for me cues i was pregnant and i hade the baby 4 monthes ago. so now i am busy with a small cute babywith no time to creat..

  7. Happy New Year~ I think my most satisfy project in 2009 is hosted 3 giveaways. Sharing ideas and handmade to other is special and I'd like to keep it in my blog. I also think that I have learned so much by visiting other's blog. It is surely inspired me a lot (You are one of them).

  8. Your quilt came out great and the colors are perfect.
    I bought the same magazine--- I already have my first project picked out.

    (Please don't include me in your giveaway since I already have it. Good luck to everyone!!)

  9. My most satisfied project is that I started my blog and started making bags for selling. I am very happy that I finally did it. I never made a quilt but I see so many beautiful qulted bags that I want to start learning.....
    Best wishes for 2010

  10. Happy New Year! I love your quilt! And I love the blue quilt on the magazine page.

    I think my most satisfying project this year was making my dog a new bed! I used thick material and piping, it was difficult to sew.... but then amazingly my dog loved it and was so excited when I put it on the floor for him - it made it worthwhile! (My cat wouldn't touch her new cushion, or go near it, for about a month!)

    Hope the New Year brings you much happiness, Amanda

  11. Hola y Feliz 2010!!
    Lo mejor que hice en el 2009 fue contribuir con el proyecto de las muñecas para un orfanatorio en Guatemala (Casa Bernabe) y los zapatitos de bebe para una obra de caridada en la India a travez de crafthope.com
    Muchas gracias por la oportunidad de ganar una revista tan linda!

  12. In 2009 I start to work quilts! This magazine can help me a lot.
    Doina from Romania

  13. Pues este:
    Es un baby quilt con hexágonos grandes que he hecho para mi sobrino recien nacido y fue un placer hacerlo.
    Muchas gracias por el sorteo y
    ¡¡¡FELIZ 2010!!!

  14. The most satisfying project was another quilt I made from my stash of authentic african fabrics. I ended up selling it to someone who is planning on hanging in his home.


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