domingo, diciembre 06, 2009

mixed work...

me encantó el resultado, afortunadamente se quedan en mi casa :) pero tal vez podrían ser un regalo perfecto para aquéllos que celebran San Valentín... I loved the outcome, happily they stay in my house:) but perhaps they could be a perfect gift for those who celebrate Valentine's Day ...

Mi hermana tuvo la idea de las frases, plasmó los diseños en tela y ella misma los bordó... My sister had the quotes idea, she did the desings on fabric and she made the embrodery work... yo sólo tomé los bordados (ella me los regaló!) y con ellos hice estos cojines... te gustan? I just took the embroidery (she gave them to me!) and with them I made these cushions... do you like them?

feliz domingo para ti! happy sunday to you!

4 comentarios:

  1. these are beautiful! i'd love them in my living room!

  2. I love them!
    So romantic cushions!

  3. These pillows are adorable! That is so fun that you and your sister get to work on projects together like this!


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