miércoles, julio 21, 2010

corner view: me

soy bailaina
soy una famosa chef
soy cantante de jazz
soy viajera
soy la dueña de una fábrica de chocolate
soy artista
soy madre
soy jinete
soy políglota
soy feliz para siempre
y sí... también soy una gran soñadora.

i'm a dancer
i'm a famous chef
i'm a jazz singer
i'm a traveler
i'm a owner of a chocolate factory
i'm an artist
i'm a mother
i'm a horse rider
i'm a polyglot
i'm happy forever
and yes.... also i'm a great dreamer.

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  1. Ahh, we all wear many hats! So many facets in us left to discover. =)

  2. What's a polyglot? Is it something I should add to my list? lol How do you link previous posts to your blog...I really like that and spent awhile looking up how to do it and was not successful.
    Cute pic of you and Raggety Ann!

  3. Qué lindísima foto! Me encanta el comentario anterior al mío.... Creo que no es algo fácil que ella añada a su lista verdad? jajajaja..... Después de leer tu lista cuanta gana tengo de conocerte en persona. Algun día nos reuniremos. Muchos besos.

  4. Que bonito, a foto e as palavras! Bons sonhos:)

  5. Little Janis should meet little Rosa Maria... I still have my raggedy Ann dolls, do you? :^)

    I want to here more about the famous chef, and chocolate factory... ah, food!

  6. Oh you look cute ... very nice post :)

  7. don´t ever stop dreaming my dear:)

  8. ha, that beautiful girl on that pic'...
    pleased to meet you this way too.
    do not stop dreaming neither!!

  9. girl with the pretty mark, i have to be your friend. i have the same zodiac sign like you and LOVE chocolate!!!

    i like you much more after this cv!

  10. What a great list. Be happy forever.

  11. Owner of a chocolate factory!! Lucky, lucky you :-)

  12. nice to meet you :D !
    these words could make a lovely happy song !


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