miércoles, abril 27, 2011

corner view: what's for lunch?

tacos de machaca, gustan?

want machaca tacos?

sí, a mí me encantan, pero la verdad es que el almuerzo o "lunch" no es algo que acostumbramos mucho en casa, pues a esa hora Alex y yo no estamos juntos... sin embargo, en fines de semana es más fácil tenerlo y para mí siempre será más rico si se prepara en casa, pero sobretodo cuando él se encarga de esa labor... en el asador...! yes i love them, but the truth is that lunch is not something we have a lot at home because at that time of the day Alex and I are not together... however, some weekends are easier to get it and always it will be more delicious to me if it was made at home, but especially when he is in charge of that work ... on the grill ...!

feliz corner view!
happy corner view!

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16 comentarios:

  1. Love Mexican food! It's one of my favorite food..

  2. Wow wow wow ! Food and photos are really great. I'm on my way to taste ;)

  3. I will be right over next time he cooks...let me know...I love those!!!

  4. me has matado de una vez... y con el hambre que tengo :)

  5. ai! the grill.
    but a smooth avocado will do for me...
    oh, yumm!

  6. casi casi puedo sentir el sabor en mi boca...

  7. those avacadoes look really nice.
    I'm feeling hungry now - tacos, scrumptious!

  8. That looks like a tasty lunch with a lovely atmoshpere!

  9. Hmmm, I nearly feel the taste on my tongue now!

  10. If I had to wait for my husband to do the cooking, I'd be starving!:)

  11. If I lived nearby I would love to join you for lunch. I love tacos!!! xo

  12. DELICIOSO! my friend pepe a few months back cooked this for me i loved it! i also learned how to make tortillas :D, enjoy!

  13. your photos are so warm & inviting ! and I would easily turn these avocadoes into guacamole !

  14. Yum! Next time don't forget to invite me.


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