domingo, enero 10, 2010

nothing white here...(and the winner)

en distintos blogs que me gustan, he encontrado algunas fotos lindas de inviernos con nieve... algunas las encuentras aquí, aquí y aquí... las viste? hermosos lugares, verdad? at some blogs I love, I've found beautiful photos of some winters with snow... you can find some of them here, here and here... did you saw them? beautiful places, right?
pero acá no tenemos lugares así, al menos no donde nosotros vivimos... y aunque el clima ahora no es caluroso, si te das una vuelta por aquí, podrás encontrarte con esto: but here we don't have places like those, at least not where we live... and although the weather is not hot now, if you see around here, you may find this:

y la persona que ganó el giveaway es Amanda (quien por cierto hace unos hermosos quilts!). Ya te enviaré un email para pedirte tus detalles... and the person who won the giveaway is Amanda (who makes beautiful quilts!). I'll send you an email asking for your details ...
have a great sunday!

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  1. Hi RosaMaria!! How exciting!! I've never won anything before! Perhaps 2010 will be a lucky year for me! :-)

    Is it alright that it is international postage? I'm in Spain. I didn't realise that you don't get my email when I comment....I'll email you now. :-)

    I love the quilt you made your Dad - my Mum hasn't received her quilt yet, they have a lot of snow in the UK and I think this is delaying the post.

    Best wishes, Amanda

  2. Te cambio el frio y la poca nive que callo por las flores y el solecito que tienes tu

  3. You have such beautiful flowers around you! Most of the flowers in your pictures are considered house plants here because it is too cold for them to grow outside


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