sábado, enero 23, 2010

with silence...

Ella ya ha hecho de esta casa su hogar. Ya no hay separaciones, ya los cinco vivimos juntos. Cada día Gumaro y Lucio quieren olerla y estar cerca de ella, pero todavía la asustan y ella huye y luego ellos van tras de ella y ladran y ladran (y ladran de nuevo). Por momentos parece un caos y que la convivencia será algo difícil de lograr entre perros y gatos, pero cuando ya todos vamos a dormir (Gumaro y Lucio a un lado de nuestra cama), ella de pronto llega sin que nadie se dé cuenta y duerme con nosotros, en la misma habitación, y en silencio hay paz.
She has made this house her home already. There is no separations, and all we live together. Every day Lucio and Gumaro wants smell she and be near to her, but they still scares she and runs away, then they go after her and then, they are barking and barking (and barking again). At moments it seems a mess and that coexistence will be difficult to achieve among dogs and cats, but when we all are go to bed (Gumaro and Lucio at one side of our bed), she suddenly comes without anyone noticing her and sleeps with us in the same room, and with silence, there is peace.

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  1. Oh que bien!!! solo era cuestion de tiempo como dijiste no? :-D

  2. I love cats but one of our son-in-laws is very allergic to them so we gave away all of our cats about 6 years ago! I do miss them. But it was more important for Shane to feel welcome in our house.

  3. oh...what a sweet kitty. I hope that all of your cats start to get along soon


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