miércoles, febrero 10, 2010

corner view: repurposed

Reutilizar: un objeto en tu casa al que le encontraste otro uso... Repurposed: one object in your house that you´ve found another use for...
En nuestra casa encuentras algunos objetos que ya no tienen su uso original, desde frascos de vidrio, tapas de plástico hasta ropa... y afortunadamente no tenemos ningún aparato de gimnasio fungiendo como perchero... In our house you can find some items that no have their original use, from glass bottles, plastic covers to clothing ... and fortunately we don't have gym equipment serving as a clothes hanger...
bueno, pues algunas de cosas las muestró aquí... en un rincón medio oculto de nuestra cocina puedes ver estos cajones que originalmente contenían de fruta y que se encuentran en cualquier mercado... pero que ahora contienen nuestras botellas de vino... well, some of those things I show you here... in some hidden corner of our kitchen you can see these boxes that were originally for transporting or storing fruit and can found them in any market ... but now contains our wine bottles...
en nuestro jardín, tengo algunos carretes vacíos de cable de electricidad, que ahora funcionan como bases para algunas de mis macetas: in our garden, I have some empty spools of electrical wire, which now they serves as bases for some of my herb pots:
y en la terraza tenemos estos cojines de yute que hice utilizando sacos usados de café: and on the terrace we have those jute pillow that I made them using old coffee sacks:

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  1. oooh. love the cable spools (I want some as coffee tables myself) and the jute pillows. very enviromentally friendly. francesca will definitely approve.

  2. Love your patio, I too had the cable spools for many years. I even stained and refinished them as they were all wood. Love the coffee pillows, wish we could get those bags up here. Great job.

  3. Abrazos y besos a ti!
    I have so much enjoyed reading your blog and haven't written before now. I wish I had known you were in Guadalajara when I was living in Nayarit...we could have visited, shared fabrics, and maybe done some projects together. I am living back in the US now and mostly work alone, but I read blogs daily so that I feel part of a community of quilters. I love your blog, and I miss Mexico every time I read it.

  4. those pillows are fabulous! how i wish i was sitting in your garden right now...

  5. beautiful photos! I love seeing your repurposed items.

  6. i wish i have some of your green here and i love your re-purposed boxes (first photo). i have one at home and store our shoes inside.


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