jueves, febrero 25, 2010

february is ending!

Comencé un nuevo proyecto, pues no he podido terminar este quilt, porque mi "nueva" máquina de coser empezó a hacer un ruido muy extraño y me dio miedo que algo pasara y yo saliera lastimada, pues sonaba como que algo se iba a soltar... lo bueno es que hoy un técnico pasará a revisarla y hacerle servicio... I started a new project because I couldn't finish this quilt, because my "new" sewing machine is doing a very strange noise and I was afraid that something would happen and I coul be hurt, because it sounded like something was going to drop... the good news is a technician will come to my home today and he will check it and do the service...

Elegí estas telas para un quilt para la bebé de mi mejor amigo de la preparatoria, como regalo de bautismo... él me dijo que era en marzo y hace unos días creí que todavía faltaba tiempo para eso, pero estoy viendo el calendario y apenas puedo creer que febrero ya va a terminar... pasó muy rápido, verdad? I chose these fabrics for a quilt for the baby girl of my best friend from high school, as a baptism gift ... he told me that is in March and a few days ago I thought there was still time for that, but I'm watching the calendar and I can hardly believe that february is almost end ... it went to fast, right?

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  1. I agree, it seems like time passes by so so fast these days! Your quilt will be a lovely gift!

  2. YES, it did! Next week is MARCH, I can't believe it!

  3. Sorry to hear your new machine isn't working properly, hope it can be fixed quickly! The colours you chose are soo gorgeous, can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  4. o si, parece que Febrero se a acabado muy rapido! Cuidado con la maquina nueva!

  5. I hope that the technician is able to fix your new machine!


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