sábado, agosto 01, 2009


Esta era yo. Sí, yo fumaba. Comencé a hacerlo a los 18 años y hoy se cumplen 3 años de mi primer día sin cigarro. No fue muy fácil, pero lo logré... y se siente realmente bien!!!
That was me. Yes, I smoked. I started to do it when i'm 18 and today is the 3tr year to my first day without cigarettes. It was not easy, but I didn't... and feels really good!

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  1. Felicidades por dejar de fumar. Estoy segura que fue dificil llevar 3 años sin él, WOW!!!!!

  2. Congratulations. Quitting was the best thing I ever did. It will be 9 years this October - that's when I started quilting. I think that was a good trade.

  3. Congratulations!!!! And I LOVE the cherries in your banner.

  4. From another ex smoker... Congratulations!

  5. Thank you so much for such uplifting words on my blog, and congratulations on your smoke free self, I know it's not easy but hey it makes you feel good!

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