lunes, agosto 24, 2009

neptune quilt

Finalmente y con la pequeña lenteja posando, les muestro el neptune quilt. El nombre viene de las telas que usé (de la diseñadora Tula Pink, su colección Neptune de Moda fabrics), no me quebré la cabeza buscando un nombre, eh? pero me gusta, pues las telas son realmente bellas.
Finally and with the little Lenteja posing, I show you the neptune quilt. The name comes from the fabrics that i used (from designer Tula Pink, her Neptune collection from Moda fabrics), i don't broke my head looking for a name, eh? but i like it because the fabrics are really beautiful.
Realmente disfruté hacer este quilt. Esta es la parte de atrás. Me encanta! I really enjoy made this quilt. This is the back. I love it!

y entonces ya está listo para irse con Verónica, mi hermanita...
so it's ready to go with Verónica, mi little sister...

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  1. The quilting, reverse applique, and design is lovely. I love how graphic it is between the blocks of solid color and the patterned circles. Then on top of that your multi-directional straight lines give it yet another dimension. Great work!

  2. Great Quilt!!!! I love it!!! great colors! bravo!

  3. te quedo padrisima, super moderna para una quilt. definitivamente tienes talento amiga.

    lisa renata

  4. Ma che meraviglia!!!
    Your kilt is so beautiful!!!
    ops.. sorry... wonderful!!!
    Bellissimi colori...
    brava brava!!!

  5. Beautiful! The quilt came out great and your sister in going to love it!

  6. gracias/thanks! todas sus palabras me hacen sentir muy bien / all your words make me fell so well!!

  7. OHHHHHHlala!!!
    I love the quilt and the pictures are pretty fabulous too...

    Lovely job and lovely inspiration :)

  8. Such a beautiful, graphic quilt! It is lovely and the colors are so vibrant! Congrats!


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