lunes, octubre 19, 2009

halloween decor?

noooo está viva... es una pequeña intrusa que descubrí esta mañana en nuestro porche... da miedo verdad? noooo she's alive ... is a little intruder i discovered this morning on our porch ... too scary!!
otra cosa de miedo: estoy en casa.... el sábado tuve una caída y ahora tengo un esguince en mi tobillo derecho y al parecer estaré aquí poco más de una semana... afortunadamente mis manos están bien, así que es posible que tengan noticias mías aquí...
another scary thing: I'm at home .... i fell last saturday and now i have sprained my right ankle and it seems I'll be here just over a week ... fortunately my hands are fine, so you may have heard from me here...

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  1. ay naniiiita!!! que meyo!!! me chocan los insectos!!!
    pero al menos tu la viste primero que los perritos... sino, tsss no quiero ni saberts!

  2. I hate large spiders - silly but they startle me every time I come across one and do not like them.

  3. And you took a picture?! not too scary for you I see...
    Get well soon :)

  4. wow.. i am going to show s today! she is going to be surprise!

    take good care and thanks again for everything~


  5. aaaaaccckkk!!! really? you have big old spiders like that crawling around!
    I can handle the little ones, I'm generally not afraid of bugs, but I might have to consider a really loud scream if I saw one of those walking around outside a cage! My daughter would have a heart attack for sure... on the spot.

  6. Que horror! Tambien espero que te recuperes pronto :)

  7. hay no! me asustan las mentadas arañas grandes y peludas. parece tarantula. es?

    espero pronto te recuperes.

  8. yuck! I hate spiders.

    I hope that you are feeling better and recovering from your fall!


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