miércoles, septiembre 15, 2010

corner view: seven

Siete es una gran número para nosotros ahora, pues precisamente hace siete años que Gumaro vino a nuestra casa formar parte de nuestras vidas...

han sido siete años de meneos de cola
siete años de ir por la pelota
siete años con dificultad para tomar un baño
siete años de dar la pata, sentarse y acostarse...
siete años de amistad
siete años de amabilidad
siete años de amor...
y siete años de estar felices por tenerlo con nosotros...!

Seven is a big number for us now, because just seven years ago Gumaro came to our house to be part of our lives...

so they've been seven years to have tail wiggles
seven years going for the ball
seven years with difficulty to taking a bath
seven years to give paw, sit and lie down ...
seven years of friendship
seven years of kindness
seven years of love...
and seven years of happiness for have him with us!

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  1. Ha ha !!! A funny seven full of joy... you live in a kind of Peanuts world...

    And a nice photo

  2. What a sweet guy....look at those eyes...I bet you give him whatever he wants!!!! Ha!

    Thanks, once again for the treasury. That was lovely, and fun to visit all the other shops. Enjoy the day!

  3. Viva Gumaro! Viva Gumaro! Viva Gumaro!
    hum... somos el 15 verdad?

  4. What a sweet face! How blessed you have been these past 7 years!

  5. Que edad tiene Gumaro? Es precioso. Nosostros tenemos un perro que ha vivido con nosotros desde que nos casamos hace 8+ años, el ya se esta poniendo viejito, tiene 9+ años

  6. gumaro is really sweet! i think it is a present you`ve got him... nice cv - nice seven =)

  7. And isn't it also said that "7 dog years" are equal to 1 human year? I love the expression on his face. A muzzle you could kiss. :>) Love the Corner View. Cheers~

  8. So cute! :)

    Seven years of "difficult dog-life", hm! :)

    Conny, yes, a bit around: 1 dog year is equal to 7 human years, so he's just to be 50 (if he was human) :)

    Congratulations to Gumaro! :)

  9. And he still looks very young, even in his lazy moment:)!

  10. He is the sweetest! I can't understand how there are people that have no animals in their life, life just doesn't seem complete without them does it?

  11. aww! Such a sweet face! Happy 7 years.

  12. Uma bela homenagem a estes amigos tão queridos!


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