sábado, noviembre 13, 2010

a bit of blue for this saturday...

...estás pasando un buen día? yo sí. Los perros y yo nos levantamos temprano y mientras Alex y Lola seguían dormidos, comanzamos a disfrutar del día con un buen café negro. Ahora estoy trabajando en mi cuarto de costura, ya sabes, un poco esto y un poco aquéllo... y escuchando esto...
...are you having a great saturday? I do. The dogs and I woke up early and while Alex and Lola still were sleeping, I started to enjoy my day with a good black coffee. I'm working now at my sewing room, you know a little of this and a little of that... and I'm listening this...

feliz sábado!
happy saturday!

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  1. What are you making? Curtains? I love the pom poms, I sure would like to find some of the older style ones, made in cotton but if I found them they would probably be expensive anyway! I was thinking of using them on curtains for my trailer. Did I tell you, I was doing a Mexican 1950's 60's theme? Sounds weird, huh? A lot of the gals fix up old trailers and one group is Sisters on the Fly, they have a website, if you want to check it out. They all have various themes and they are all so cute!!! With those antique cars your Dad works on, I bet he has seen some trailer remodels that were really cool!

  2. Love the new header, so bright and happy!

    I started my day with strong coffee too - and kitties. Then took a long ride in the country. Very nice... missed you!

  3. Beautiful colors, love the pompoms! Happy sewing :))

  4. El primer azul está increíblemente precioso! parece que muchos tenemos "azul" al tanto estos días. Besos y feliz domingo también!

  5. Love the blue butterfly pins against the brown fabric. I always have to start my day with turkish coffee!

  6. Hola, hello....Me gusta mucho su 'blog'....mind if I follow along? Normally, I am in Mexico this time of year but it's winter at home in BC, Canada this year! I found you through Maya's blog and would enjoy having a connection to Mexico.


  7. I love the bag you made...the touch of blue is perfect!


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