miércoles, noviembre 17, 2010

corner view: anything goes...

era un poco tarde, pues la luz ya estaba entrando por la ventana... la cama sigue tibia y cada vez que la veo pareciera que me llama... no hay luces encendidas aún, sólo silencio y mientras tanto... café...     ...sí, esta es mi mañana y esta vez compartiéndola contigo...
it was a little late, the light was already coming through the window ... the bed is still warm and every time I see it, seems to it's calling my name... no lights on yet, just quiet and meanwhile ... coffee...    ....yes, this is my morning today and this time I'm sharing it with you ...

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  1. Thanks, for the slow and gentle wakeup. It is still dark here at 6:30 but I am mostly awake....now to get my coffee!

  2. Me encanta la foto de las lamparas. Me da gusto compartir tu manana. I also begin my morning with a cup of turkish coffee. It's a must.

  3. A relaxing wake up, and a lovely coffee. Sounds good.

  4. such pretty light on the first pic...
    wish the sun would appear more often on the parisian winter...

  5. there is a peacefulness of all the photos. Hey it just dawned on me I forgot to have my coffee this morning. xo

  6. great post ! perfectly descriptive ... and great photos to accompany !

    My CORNER VIEW is up now too ! :)

  7. Wow what a nice morning ... and that quilt looks gorgeous

  8. ahhh what a lovely morning :)
    thanks for sharing

  9. Feeding the cats while the coffee is making, that is my morning! Always coffee, always!

    p.s. Love the shock of yellow in the blog header, then scrolling into the blue... :^)

  10. Tus fotos son como siempre preciosas! y tienen una ternura muy especial. Gracias por compartirlas. Muchos besos!

  11. Super photos RosaMaria! My coffee is calling my name right now:)


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