domingo, noviembre 21, 2010

the week

Las buganvilias aquí siguen en flor así que no desaproveché la oportunidad de alegrar de una forma barata, nuestra habitación. Esta semana experimenté una nueva receta usando calabaza, el pan quedó buenísimo, así que pronto la compartiré. Camila se recupera muy rápido y cada día se le ve más adaptada a su nuevo hogar y nosotros cada día la queremos más!
Casi no pude pasar tiempo en mi cuarto de costura estos días, pero al menos ya terminé el top de este quilt y sólo espera a ser acolchado...
La palabra LOVE de madera, la adquirí de esta tienda y algunos de los frascos azules en esta otra tienda, el cartero por fin las trajo esta semana... si visitan ambas tiendas se darán cuenta de que Alison y Ashley tienen cosas super lindas y que ellas son muy amables!

The buganvilias still are flowering here and I just took the opportunity to garnish
our bedroom without spend money. This week I tried a new recipe using pumpkin (or squash?), it was so good, so I'll share it soon. Camila is recovering very fast and every day she looks more adapted to her new home... and every day we love her more and more!
I almost could spend time in my sewing room last days, but at least I finished this quilt top and is just waiting to be quilted...
The wood LOVE word, I get it from this shop and some of those lovely vintage blue jars in this other shop, and the postman finally brought them to me this week ... if you visit both shops you'll see that Alison and Ashley have a lot of beautiful things there and both are such kind ladies!

...y siempre con un poco de música...
... and always with a little of music...

feliz domingo!
happy sunday!

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  1. The squash cake (or bread) looks delicious. I have competing fantasies about it being sweet, with cranberries and spice, or savory, with onions and sage.

    I love the jars -- my first gift to my boyfriend was a set of antique bail jars -- and they are beautiful next to the red bouganivillea. They're still blooming here in Oakland, Calif. thanks to a late-fall heat wave. But things are feeling much more wintery this weekend.

    And Camila is adorable! I hope my next dog is a boxer.

  2. Que bonitos colores de las flores con los frascos!
    Mmmm el pan se ve muy rico. Me encanta la ultima foto, como tiene las patitas derechas y esa mirada,hehe

  3. Oh, what a sweet picture of Camila! She has such a gentle look. Love the 'love' sign and the slightly bent safety pins. Mine are all bent as well from basting quilts :)

  4. Love the photos...the torquoise and the red flowers look fabulous! Have a great holiday week and that pumpkin bread looks divine!

  5. Big big hugs for adopting sweet Camila. Yeah animal person xoxox!

    I love pumpkin bread, pie, ... great time of year to bake.

    Happy week Rosa Maria!

  6. Preciosas fotos! Feliz semana mi linda! este pastel se ve fabuloso...

  7. so pretty! p.d. how are the english classes?

  8. uhhhhh de calabazaaa estaba bueniiisima la mermelada... me la estoy comiendo a cucharaditas para que no se me acabe....! :D

  9. Hola !! yummy I look forward to that recipe. Lovely photos and our Sam (Mr. Conehead for a few more days) like Camila is also settling in beautifully to both our home and our family. Much love xo Susan & les Gang

  10. hey?
    i love your photos, and i love your atmosphere!

  11. OMG looks so delicious!!!
    can't wait for the recipe...
    hope you'll have an inspiring Sunday!


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