miércoles, junio 01, 2011

Corner view: M is for....

//photos by ACM//

Alex descubrió una extraña y hermosa criatura en la fuente... tal vez los días calurosos también hicieron de las suyas con ella, pero jugando con el agua parece divertirse....     Alex found a weird beautiful creature at the fountain... maybe the hot days was to much for it too but looks like is having great time playing with water....

Ok sólo es una Mantis, cuando la veo de cerca me gusta imaginar que podría ser otra cosa, algo raro...    Ok is just a Mantis, but when I saw it very close I like imagine it is something diferent and weird...

feliz corner view!
happy corner view!

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  1. WOW!! The praying mantis looks like he is sitting in the middle of the pool relaxing! That is totally incredible!!!! Fabulous shot, Alex!

  2. That second photo is stunning. You are very talented!

  3. In the third, the mantis looks like he is resting. Very good shot!

  4. Siempre tus posts me sorprenden por tanta belleza! No puedo dejar de mirar estas fotos. Gracias Alex! Besos para los dos.

  5. Sólo una mantis? pero una bellísimamente fotografiada! Me maravillan estas fotos!

  6. Great! On the last picture it seems to be a cartoon's caracter…

  7. amazing photos - the water of the fountain looks just incredible!

  8. oh my ! this is AWESOME !!!! what lens did you shoot this with ?! it tells a story of itself ! i have to show these to my daughter tomorrow when she wakes up, she'll be all OOOOh & aaahhhh !

  9. We have praying mantas here and they kind of freak me out.

  10. He is sweet! Seeing him cooling himself makes me think that we are all alike, human or bug - we all need to feel cool and comfortable! Beautiful moment there Rosa Maria -xo

  11. hooray for the parading, what am i saying, show stealing mantis!!! he/she had fun, and so did you's, no? i find image #3 totally relaxing...

  12. Las fotos son impresionantes...el bicho parece menos bicho.
    Feliz finde.


  13. Amazing shots!! Love the last one, very perky view into the camera! Great model! ;o))

  14. No había visto estas !!! :O
    Son espectaculares !!!! Felicitaciones RM


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