miércoles, mayo 19, 2010

corner view: collections...

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fotografías de ACM
photos by ACM
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colección de recuerdos felices... con película...
of some happy memories... with film...
feliz cv!
happy cv!
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15 comentarios:

  1. Collection of good memories are the best!
    Hope you get lots more....

    Happy CV from Holland!

  2. Collecting memories is so wonderful. Thank you for sharing your great photos ... and the memories

  3. las mejores de las colecciones! memorias felices. que maravilla! y mil gracias por tu comentarios. eres un amor. besitos!

  4. after watching your pics, i want to make holidays...

  5. Very very good memories...I think! Its the best collection you ever get. Nobody can take that away from you!

  6. Nice pictures !
    I completly agree with you... good memories, beautiful moments are the best collection we can have and share !
    Thanks for visiting !

  7. Experiences and memories are the best collections... love this post. xo

  8. A poetic idea ! I like it ! and your collection as well.

  9. Wonderful pictures, the second one especially is beautiful!

  10. yay for film photos and sandy feet! Beautiful photos! It makes me want to go on vacation :)


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