martes, mayo 11, 2010

my week in photos...

hubo un poco de todo...cociné para mi mamá, corté telas para un nuevo proyecto... pasé tiempo en el jardín, probando los primeros tomates y disfrutando de un buen clima (los quilts no sólo se usan en invierno!) ... por supuesto que gran parte de mis días también lo paso en mi trabajo... pero creo que sería aburrido mostrar fotos de mí leyendo en una oficina, verdad?
There was a bit of everything ...I was cooking for my mom, I cut fabric for a new project ... I spent time in the garden, tasting the first tomatoes and enjoying good weather (the quilts are not used only in winter!)... ... also there is the time time that I spend on my work... but i think it can be to boring if I show you pictures of me reading in an office, right?
que tengas buen día!
have a wonderful day!

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  1. i love your apron... did you make it? are you starting a new quilt.. can't wait to see what you are making..

  2. lovely pictures. Tomato looks so yummy and the purple quilt looks so comfortable!

  3. w o w - fantastic pics. i love the first and the third one!

  4. Lovely pictures, looks like a really peaceful week :) The fabrics look really pretty and I love your flower pots. My favourite is the last photo summery and colorful and relaxed!

  5. your home and photos are beautiful! What is that wooden thing hanging on the wall in the first picture?

  6. Just from this small glimpse of your house I can tell it is an amazing place! What a perfect day too... xo

  7. Rosma Aguirre Zaragozadomingo, 16 mayo, 2010

    Hola... me encanta todo lo que haces, son cosas útiles y practicas.... soy tu fan número 1.... ojalá alcance a participar en tu sorteo... porque la bolsa me encantó.

  8. these are wonderful... they belong in a book...


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