martes, mayo 25, 2010

not much sewing last week...

no cosí mucho la semana pasada...
a veces es verdaderamente difícil encontrar el momento para hacerlo :)
sometimes is pretty hard to found the moment to do it! :)

que tengas un buen día!
have a great day!

8 comentarios:

  1. HA! HA! HA! Pretty hard to get sewing done from the hamock! lol

  2. This is lovely, and the best way to spend time every once in a while... :^)

  3. you spoil us all with your wonderful pictures. you know, you could probably make a book out of them! I'd buy it and proudly show it to everyone who would enter my home :)

  4. looks wonderful and relaxed! Love the hammock picture with the strawberries, yummy :))

  5. We have a hammock just like that that I bought when I was in Mé is my favorite place to relax in the summertime.


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