miércoles, mayo 26, 2010

corner view: The end of your street

la calle donde vivimos no tiene final, pues es como una "U", así que donde debería estar el final, encuentras el inicio... sin embargo y de un recorrido del camino a mi casa y la calle donde habito, además de más casas, puedes ver campos sembrados de agave (vivo en la zona tequilera), ganado pastando y claro, el bosque y los cerros... yo disfruto mucho este camino a casa cuando vuelvo cada día de mi trabajo en la ciudad, pues logra alejarme del ruido, del tráfico y la gente...
the street where we live has no end, it is like a "U", so where it should be the end, you find the beginning of the street ... however, and a tour of the road to my house and the street where I live, along with more houses, you can see fields planted with agave (I live in the tequila area), grazing cows and of course, the forest and the hills... I really enjoy the trip on this road to my house when I come back every day of my work in the city, it manages to get me away from noise, traffic and people...

feliz cv!
happy cv!

ps. la primera fotografía es de ACM, gracias mi vida!
ps. the first photo is of ACM, thanks babe!
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  1. Beautiful place ... really like your first photo of the fence and the cow :)

  2. Looks like paradise Rosa Maria, such beautiful landscape. peaceful ...

    I did not participate in CV this week, but I consider Mexico and Canada to be at the end of my street since it runs north to south... why not?! :^)

  3. Thank you for your CV!
    Nice place to live...

  4. Just beautiful. Looks like a wonderful place to live....so close to nature.

  5. Wonderful open fields around. Interesting that you live in tequilla land - maybe you can give us some tips about the best tequilla some time?!

  6. this first photo is AMAZING! love, love, love, love!!!!!!!!

  7. Lovely street and I love the flowers in your header too.. Happy day to you!

  8. Isn't it great changing from city to countryside? I enjoy my city of Hamburg as much as my returning to the birds and qualmness.

    Your countryside looks beautiful. Must be nice living there.

  9. Wonderful landscape and wow, it's soo different from where I live! I love seeing how thing look over in Mexico!

  10. Lucky you are ! You live in Paradise !

  11. beautiful street it looks exotic to me!!

  12. the area around your home is beautiful! I love that second photo.

  13. I love where you livem - very pretty and exotic.


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