miércoles, abril 07, 2010

corner view: vending machines

antes y después...
before and after...
de verdad que no me hago a la idea de ver estos... prefiero los que estaban rellenos sólo de dulces o con viejos y sencillos juguetes... Really I don't like to seeing these ... I really prefer that they were filled just with candies or old simple toys ...
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  1. Hi ! I agree with you, it´s a sad thing but this first photograph took me back to my childhood, I used to ask my mom for it after her supermarket shopping.Good times!!

  2. Oh, definitely! I loved those machines with sweets and toys as a kid! They were so colourful and fascinating and tempting :)

  3. I'm agree with you too.. I really prefer the first one picture!
    A sweet hug dear RosaMaria!

  4. hear hear.
    but, then again, you can totally avoid them, right? there. :)

  5. Maybe there is some way to bring back the colors of 'before'...and make them into now? If I only could tell you how...

  6. I do prefer the candy too. Perhaps we've become too sophisticated for the simple things.

  7. We are brothers in vending machines !!!!

  8. I agree... wtf?
    Keep it simple and childlike.
    (Not too long ago I passed a vending machine filled with plastic eggs, each containing a rubber chicken... had to have one. I don't think the kid in me will ever officially grow up.)

  9. Hola! He llegado aquí desde el blog de mi querida Jane... es precioso tu blog! Me encantan las fotos y las cosas que haces. Un saludito

  10. Ah, y uno de mis sueños es hacer algo creativo con mis hermanas... veo que vosotras sois más organizadas y ya lo habéis hecho!

  11. i hear ya. hope you are enjoying your week sweetie! p.s. have you received anything? i´m starting to get worried... spanish mail...

  12. Isn't that so crazy! I would never buy something from one of those machines...it's ridiculous!

  13. Definitely prefer the old ones too, with nice colors!


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