viernes, julio 09, 2010


Ya es viernes y me doy cuenta que no tuve una semana productiva en mi cuarto de costura. El clima está perfecto aquí para ser creativa, pero pasar la tarde en el porche mientras llueve también es tentador.Is friday already and i noticed that I didn't had a productive week. The weather is really perfect here to be creative, but spend the afternoon on the porche while is raining is also a temptation.
No he trabajado en algún quilt aún, sólo los tengo en mi cabeza. I didn't work in any quilt yet, they are only in my head.

Pero quién sabe, en cualquier momento mis manos pueden activarse de nuevo. Espero. And who knows, I think in any moment my hands can be active again. I Hope.
Feliz viernes!
happy friday!

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  1. Taking a break is a good thing for the creative juices! Good luck.

  2. But when you do, I am sure the quilt will be beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. and those bits in the picture look so, so promising. no hurry though, hey??!

  4. Relaxing is important too ;) Love those little hexagons!

  5. Just relax... isn'it a work too?
    Have you a wonderful week-end dear Rosamaria!!!

  6. Feliz viernes también... ya un poco tarde! Besos y cariño desde la India!

  7. whatever becomes of these will be amazing!

  8. Take in inspiration - that is what the breaks are for!

  9. breaks are always good to take! I see that you've caught the hexagon bug!


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