miércoles, enero 12, 2011

corner view: winter

Tenemos un invierno amable que no nos trata mal aquí, no  hay nieve ni temperaturas extremas, con un sol que aunque no calienta nos alegra los fines de semana, viento seco, tardes cortas, mañanas y noches frías sin calefacción... me dan motivos para pasar más tiempo en casa, arropada con los quilts que hago durante el año, cosiendo y planeando otros más...

We have a nice winter here that it is not  bad with us, there is no snow or extreme temperatures, we have a sun that warms a little but cheer us at weekends, dry winds with short evenings, mornings and cold nights in home without heater...  all that give me more reasons to spend time at home, wrapped in quilts that I made during the year, sewing and planning make more quilts...

feliz corner view!
happy corner view!

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  1. I know I've told you before but it never hurts to tell you again... I love your photographs. They're always so beautiful :)

  2. we all need colors in winter :)
    your patches are so regular, so nicely put together ! wow !

  3. sounds like a perfect winter ...

  4. your quilt is beautiful and it looks warm and comfy. xo

  5. Are those patches linen? Lovely photos as usual and even lovelier description of your corner of the world. gracias por todo...

  6. Beautiful photos and colors. I was just working with a similar palette!

  7. preciosos... ¿sin calefacción? yo estuve años aquí y sí hay nieve :) pero no diría que no a uno de esos quilts. realmente bonitos.

  8. Ah yes, winter is the time for quiltmaking to be sure! Lovely, lovely colours :)

  9. love the textures in your photos. it makes my fingers itch to start again. thank you!

  10. love these colors together. very sophisticated.

    and, your winter sounds like a dream winter. wish ours was a little milder!

  11. A winter's tale of the quilt.

  12. que trabalho bonito!
    gracias por tu visita :)

  13. looks great, look forward to seeing the whole quilt.
    Missy D says merci !! xoxo Susan & les Gang

    ps I love the texture of this material also

  14. Winter and quilts do go together well.

  15. Happy planning, and happy quilting!


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