miércoles, marzo 23, 2011

corner view: four legged

Creo que este tema fue muy previsible para mí, pues cualquiera que me visite ha de saber que mis tres perros y mi gata son mis "cuatro patas" favoritos. I believe this theme was very predictable to me, for anyone who visit me already know that my three dogs and my cat are my fours favorites.

Lucio no la ha pasado bien las últimas semanas. Duró más de 15 días con collar isabelino además de verse limitado para salir al jardín con los demás y correr y brincar libremente. Sus heridas ya sanaron pero su lesión en la pata continúa y esta semana volverá a visitar al médico. Es un buen perro. Es un dulce perro al que todos los que no lo conocen le temen porque no saben que él lo único que quiere es jugar, meterse a la fuente y lamerte la cara...    muchas gracias a todos los que han preguntado por su salud, él les manda a todos muchos besos mojados!        Lucio, has not great time in recent weeks. Lasted over 15 days with Elizabethan Collar as well as being limited to go into the garden with his buddies to run and jump freely. His wounds have healed but his injury to his leg continues and this week he'll visit the doctor again. He is a good dog. He's a sweet dog that all who don't knows him feels fear because they don't know that all he wants is play, get a shower at the fountain and lick your face ... thank you very much too all of you who asked me about his health, he sends many wet kisses to all!

y muchas gracias a Jane que con las cosas lindas que envió está haciendo que nuestra querida Camila, cuando salimos a pasear, sea la nena más bonita y envidiada de la zona...   and thank you very much to Jane, who with all the lovely stuff she sent, makes that every time that we are out for a walk, our loved Camilla looks like the most beautiful and envied girl in our place...

Feliz corner view!
Happy corner view!

más de cuatro patas con Francesca
more of four legged with Francesca

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  1. Lucio sending you big hugs from Mr. Bojangles and me! I hope your vet visit goes well our sweet little friend. xo

  2. Some more nuzzling with my favorite kind!

    Sounds like you love and care for your animals as I do - I so appreciate a good pet mama :^)

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Cuánta ternura en estas fotos. Espero que mejore la patita de Lucio.

  4. how adorable! we have 2 boxers at home so it always brings a smile to my face when I see yours too :) hope all is well, they all love each other, and that lucio feels good as new soon!

  5. Lucio is a cute dog. Hope he feels better soon!

  6. Hope Lucio is better soon, and can jump into the fountains again!

  7. I love seeing the pictures of everyone's dogs this week on Corner View...adorable!

  8. Pretty paws! Best wishes to Lucio, hope he will soon be able to join the others again!

  9. Too cute!! Reminds of my dog when he is sleeping... Pero, cuando está despierto, hace mucha travesura :p


  10. Cuanto lamento lo de Lucio seguramente todo pasara , y volvera a ser el mismo loco corredor, es una raza muy hermosa , y su mirada es super tierna , !!!te mando un fuerte abrazo para el y no sufras el pronto sabra reponerse .un cariño.Vero

  11. Oh, poor Lucio, I hope he is all better very soon! He is adorable. I love brindle dogs.

  12. the poor fellow. no one likes to be immobile, much less dogs. his paws look cute all the same.

  13. Me encantan tus fotos... que cámara utilizas para tomarlas??
    PD.Que Lucio se recupere pronto!!

  14. Such an endearing photo ---I want to lay down and lay my head down and rest with Camila. I miss having dogs--some day. I'm new here, so I don't know what happened to Lucio, but I'm glad he's healing. I think it's doubly tough when your pet is injured because you can't explain to him what's going on.
    I have a cat who has to have insulin shots twice a day, so you know I'm an animal lover! :)
    Thanks for stopping by my place.

  15. Love the wrinkly nose and those soft, sweet paws!

  16. Beautiful photos! Too bad Lucio has to go to the doctor again, I hope his leg will be alright again soon!

  17. Oh what a beautiful dog's life:) A little bit of play, a little bit of eat and a little bit of sleep. Dogs love this
    I hope your dog is doing better again?
    He looks very happy. I love his nose, which is definitely soft.


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