miércoles, junio 02, 2010

corner view: "From where I'm sitting"

El sábado pasado, Alex y yo fuimos con un amigo a comer a una granja de pescado. La comida fue muy buena y el lugar tenía palapas y rockola, como si estuvieras en la playa. Mi intención era mostrarles la vista que tenía desde ese lugar, pero las fotos fueron más que espantosas.
Así que sólo tengo para mostrar esta imagen de mi cuarto de costura, que es en donde he estado sentada en algunas tardes de esta semana, tratando de terminar esto y pensando en qué proyecto iniciar...
Last saturday, Alex and I went with a friend to have a meal at a fish farm. The food was really great and the place had palapas and jukebox, like you're on the beach. I wanted to show you the view I had from that place, but the photos were more than horrible. So I just have this image of my sewing room to show, which is where I've been sitting on some evenings of this week, trying to finish this and thinking about a new proyect to start...

feliz cv!
happy cv!

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20 comentarios:

  1. los colores! que precioso! besitos...

  2. Your design wall is so pretty! I can't wait to see the striped quilt when it is finished.

  3. A beautiful corner view...
    Ehy.. It seems that you have a sewing machine oldest than mine!
    My Necchi is about 35 years old.. a present given to me by my grandmother... and yours one?
    Have you sweet sewing hours..
    a big hug Chiara

  4. Love the work space and all the beautiful fabrics! Amazing energy you have (did I say that before?) - it's true :^) Happy quilting!

  5. gorgous...love the photo, fabric & machine...happy sewing!

  6. Beautiful fabrics ... looks very inspiring :)

  7. I am envious, Rosamaria because I have wanted to sew such a quilt for so long, but haven't gotten to it. Love the fabrics you've selected!

  8. Yo ya casi termino de organizar mi estudio para poder empezar a coser. Yey!

    Pasa a mi blog, pues te hice "tag." Asi puedes ver los detalles.

    Saludos y que continúes disfrutando y creando lindas quiltas.

  9. You have a busy sewing room. Lovely coloured materials.

  10. hey, and don't i just love the look of that 'old' machine! a good one, is it? no doubt... is that quilt coming along?

  11. Wonderful fabrics! It's a good place to sit!

  12. beautiful and colorful photo, and I love it as a metaphor---patching together memories, places, and images, which is what we do when we post and when we create:)
    happy day to you!

  13. It's a kind of colored sea... Lovely picture.

  14. Being a sewista myself this view is of much more interest than your original planed :-)
    That design wall and the fabric are looking really yummy.
    Nice sewing machine!

  15. this looks so abstract. lunch at a fish farm? sounds so cool!

  16. oh ! a creative woman !!! Bravo ; )

  17. That's an awfully good view, too !

  18. Happy sewing!! Wow, your design wall with the stripes is beautiful, love the colours so much!


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