miércoles, junio 23, 2010

corner view: noticing

flores adornándonos lugares y la vida...
flowers are embellish places and life ...
feliz cv!
happy cv!

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15 comentarios:

  1. Oh magnificent... A bougainvillea archway... a magical place Rosa Maria!

  2. beautiful...it always amazes me to see such brilliant beauty coming from a dry, arid place.

  3. Que preciosidad! tienes tan buen ojo! Besos y flores...

  4. I love bougainvillea, I used to grow it on my terrace.

  5. Gorgeous! I miss Mexico.

  6. This is a wonderful dash of living color!

  7. wow !
    they sure do !
    i'm trying to achieve the same arch effect in our yard ; )

  8. what a beautiful archway! Those flowers are gorgeous!

  9. Pretty flowers do make everything more beautiful, don't they!


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