viernes, agosto 13, 2010

simple things...

ACM photo
Nuestra pequeña huerta sigue dándonos de comer. Pepinos, algunos pequeños jitomates, ejotes y chiles han estado en nuestros platos. Me encanta estar en casa y tener la oportunidad de ir ahí, cortar algo y comerlo.
Our little garden is still giving us food. Cucumbers, small tomatoes, green beans and pepers have been in our plates. I love be at home and have the opportunity to go there, cut something and eat it.

feliz viernes! happy friday!

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  1. Wonderful! Now all we need to do is get you canning! Enjoy the bounty!

  2. We've had such a cool summer that my first tomato isn't ripe yet. No hope for cucumbers or peppers here. Disfrutelo!

  3. Oh yum, that looks good! Eating fresh out of the garden is the best! It does taste so much better than storebought doesn't it? Enjoy your produce :)

  4. There's nothing more fulfilling than growing your own food. What a lovely harvest!

  5. ¡Que genial! ¡Felicidades! Se ve que tienen muy bena mano, todo se ve rico. Disfruta tu fin. Un (^x^)

  6. Looks and sounds lovely. Have a nice weekend :)

  7. It's so satisfying to get your food from your own garden! I totally forgot about cucumbers this year, I wish I hadn't!

  8. Delicious "greens"! :)

    I also like this wooden bowl - so cool!


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