miércoles, diciembre 01, 2010

corner view: rain

Lluvia. Vida. Alegría. Frescura. Vitalidad. Renovación.
...y dándonos una buena razón para estar en casa, con nosotros mismos o en compañía, cerca de la persona amada...
Rain. Life. Joy. Freshness. Vitality. Renewal. 
and giving us a good reason to be at home, just with ourselves or with a good companion, you know, close to the beloved...

feliz corner view!
happy corner view!

quieres más lluvia? sólo visita a Theresa
want more rain? just visit Theresa's

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  1. couldn't agree more, sweetie. cuddling up under the crocheted quilt that's going round in turns, and turns, getting bigger and bigger.... :)))

  2. Love the first photo,so beautiful and the shades of blue. I like the hole in the clouds almost as a window to see what is behind the clouds. xo

  3. beautiful images ... I feel like I'm there
    rain drops on my face xo les Gang

  4. Exactly! All those things... that's how I feel too - xo

  5. Me encanta la segunda foto...los canalones goteando...haciendo ruido...y yo mirando desde dentro...esas tejas me traen tantos recuerdos...
    Preciosas fotos

  6. Que preciosidad! La temporada de lluvias en México... me encanta!

  7. Love those dark and mysterious clouds!

  8. gorgeous photos !! i love them both !!

    My corner view is ready for viewing now too ...

  9. great shots and words! water is one of the essences of life!

  10. Wow, what a dramatic sky! Definitely a weather for staying inside cozy and warm :)

  11. Love the photos, love the perspective!

  12. Whata beautiful sky in the first pic :)

  13. Lovely post. I especially like your second photo!

  14. Ola! Tus Ingles esta mucho mejor como mi Espanol. Lovely photos, not just these, but all the res on your blog as well.

    Como se dice have a great day in espanol?


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