domingo, diciembre 26, 2010

the week: inside

/photo by ACM/ 

La luna estuvo maravillosa esta semana, la viste?
Así como los días de calma que tuvimos en casa. Decidí hacerme un regalo y ahora me siento como niña con juguete nuevo. Estos días han comenzado como siempre, con café, compañía canina y música pero he tenido más tiempo para coser. Ayer cociné pavo por primera vez y ahora sigo disfrutando del delicioso pay de queso que hizo mi mamá.
Comencé a trabajar en dos nuevos quilts que serán regalo para unas personas queridas, también he estado pensando en nuevos productos para mi tienda y  he utilizando mis letras vintage de madera que adquirí en la hermosa tienda de Lori. Realmente fue una buena semana.

The moon was really wonderful this week, do you saw it?
we had calm days at home. I decided to get a gift to myself and I feel like a child with a new toy. These days have started as usual with coffee, canine companion and music but I had more time to sew. I cooked turkey for the first time yesterday and now I'm still enjoying the delicious cheesecake made by my mom .
I started two new quilts that will be a gift for some people I love, also I've been thinking about new items for my shop and I've been using my vintage wood letterpress that I got from Lori's beautiful shop. It was a really good week.

y finalmente  domingo... ...deseando una buena tarde para todos!
and finally Sunday... ...wishing a lovely afternoon for all of you!

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  1. Oh, just love your gift to yourself!! You deserve it! I adore that yellow, black and white fabric....I have long wanted to make a quilt out of pretty! You are having some fun now!

  2. how wonderful~ i'd love to hear about your new gift! the moon picture is so pretty!

  3. uhhh regalos de quilt... para quien!?? :D
    gracias por la suculenta!! se llama Mini-Me!! muajajajaja

  4. Congrats on your gift, it looks lovely and what beautiful things you will do with it! Excited to see the two new quilts and that dog pictures is so sweet. Your dogs and cat are the cutest :))

  5. Beautiful photos, Rosamaria! The moon is incredible!
    The stamps worked out great on your gift box, I was happy to see the result. And thanks for the mention and link to my shop - you are so sweet!

  6. Rosy, I love the fabrics and can't wait to see what you've come up with. Your new machine has so much room for machine quilting...I'm jealous! I have a Janome, and love it, but it's not this lucky girl!

    pass me the spoon, looks yummy!

  7. love your blog, the pictures are wonderful! p.s. fisheye is my sister, don't tell!

  8. Happy new toy! You deserve it Rosa Maria!

    Love how you start the's perfect.

  9. Looks like you're getting a head start on the new year. Enjoy your new toy!

  10. Me encanta tu autoregalo jejeje... la luna si que estuvo realmente maravillosa esta semana, disfrute viendola casi todas las noches jeje. Espero tengas una hermosa semana, la ultima del año ;)


  11. the moon was really amazing...
    and as I was on the country side, we had the most amazing sky... stars as I've never saw... :o)

  12. it sounds like you have a mellow, very peaceful time!

  13. You take some amazing photos, RosaMaria. The banner is spectacular. We got a glimpse of the moon just before Christmas - almost full and shining over snow white mountains - but then it got cloudy.

  14. Hello again. Lovely, really lovely moon photo.

    Sounds like a nice holiday there.

    Cheers from BC

  15. Hello:Wonderful pics.
    Feliz Navidad!!
    Best wishes.

  16. Best wishes for the new year for you and yours, we can't wait for another year of your craft fabulousness and inspiration. All the best for 2011.
    groeten, heleen en corry

  17. Que bellas fotos! Te deseo un muy feliz año lleno de amor y de sonrisas!


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