jueves, febrero 10, 2011


Aún falta más de un mes para la primavera, pero los días aquí cada vez son más cálidos, aunque con viento, mañanas y noches un poco frías, pero soleados la mayor parte del tiempo... qué más se puede hacer si no disfrutarlo?
There is still over a month for spring, but the days here are getting warmer, windy, and a little cool at nights and mornings but sunny the most of the time ... What else we can do than enjoy it?

feliz día!
have a happy day!

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  1. dear, dear rosamaria - i would love to join you - we have sun today in southwestern, va - but a dusting of snow - not the warmth you speak of. i am just starting to wish for spring!

  2. Enjoy your lovely sunny day! It was a real Dutch rainy day here.. could use a little of your lovely Mexican sun!

  3. Oh, I am so envious! Just for a little warmth! Spring is a long way off...it's still freezing here! I need a trip South.

  4. Asi es! disfruta mucho y un poco mas!! abrazo :)

  5. Yes ! the blossoms are everywhere and it is getting prettier by the moment... Enjoy the spring paradise Rosa Maria.

  6. oh yes, for sure! enjoy... i feel so lucky i can view early spring from other people's corners in the world, for all i have to show for, right now... is rain, rain, rain...
    have a good week of sunshine and blue skies, dear!


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