viernes, febrero 11, 2011

finally friday...

finalmente pude hacer algo de quilting esta semana, pues entre el trabajo en la oficina, en la casa y en el jardín, pareciera que el tiempo se pasa volando... tengo planeado pasar el fin de semana metida en mi cuarto de costura, sólo espero que esta vez no me quede atascada pensando qué proyecto nuevo comenzar y mejor logre terminar algunas cosas que tengo pendientes por aquí...
Finally I could do some quilting this week, because between the work in the office, the home and garden, it seems that time flies ... I have planned to spend all the weekend in home, specially in my sewing room, just I hope not be stuck thinking in some new project that I want to start... than I have to work with some outstanding things here...

cuáles son tus planes para el fin de semana?
what are your plans for the weekend?

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  1. This is great! I love your new quilting and can't wait to see what the quilt looks like. I will be starting a new project soon, but first I need to finish two quilt tops quilting.

  2. Finalmente! This wee-end I have some sewing projects to realize...
    Ti auguro un meraviglioso fine settimana!
    A big kiss!

  3. los proyectos mejor de uno en uno, te lo digo yo que tengo 50.000 empezados

  4. Happy sewing and quilting! My plans are way to many to list always, and I won't get all of them done, as always :)

  5. your quilts look very spring like ... enjoy your weekend.

  6. Love those greens! And the topstitching is gorgeous. A whole weekend to sew...pure luxury!

    My daughter, friend, Sharon, her daughter and I will be doing some bling on old picture frames in her craft! Then some thrifting!

  7. I love the quilted circles on the nine patch blocks. Great idea! Enjoy your weekend. I hope I can find the time do do some sewing myself. groeten, corry

  8. I am hoping I can get sewing this week end too, but like you say it's hard to decide where to start. Happy sewing!!!


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